cropped-RICHMOND-Photo-Mike-and-Linda-Smaller2.jpgLinda and I want to welcome you to our blog and say thanks for listening to JC POWER LIFE RADIO.  We are here to be a blessing to you. This week at church was a real blessing with the music ministry of Karl Hinkle from Carmel, Indiana.

We have a lot of great events coming this year and a very friendly group of people that would love to see you and encourage you in your pursuit of God’s best for your life.  We try to keep things very Positive at our church.  Look us up on Facebook at      Church on the Hill

Let us know what you think about the songs and sermons on this JCPOWERLIFERADIO web site.   God bless !!

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"Pastor Mike and his wife, Linda, have been involved in Pastoral, Evangelistic, Musical and Broadcast ministry for over 30 years. Born and raised in Indianapolis, Mike had his Bible College Education in South Bend, Indiana at Lester Sumrall's World Harvest Bible College, and has pastored in various denominational and independent churches. Pastor Mike enjoys fellowship with Pastor friends from many denominational and independent Christian backgrounds, and often meets in prayer with other ministers to seek God for a soul winning revival and move of God in these perilous times. He wants to see America have another God given great awakening and return to the faith of the founding fathers which set America on it's course of great impact for good in the world. Pastor Mike asks that you join him in these prayers."

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